Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Kisah ini diberi judul:{g berjudul} & Semua terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa

I spend my time today
Just thinking of u
My heart and my mindare fell when missing u
I can’t wait for the moment
When u finally back in my arms
So for now while u’re not around
The thought of u keeps me warm
I’m longing for your touch
And your kisses
I really miss
I hope you come home soon
That until then this is what i do
I’ll light a candle
To see when u get home
Just to let u know
That i’m waiting so long for u to hold me
Until the night u will stay
(Stay with me forever)
I’ll light a candle in the window
Hurry come my way
Just the thought of u
Gets me through my days
U constantly in my mind
and never be seen go away
I can feel your touch in my dreams
I dont want to open my eyes
Just to know that u’re waiting for me
Makes me feel warm inside
It’s only timethat keep us apart
But in a moment
We’ll be face to face
and heart to heart
There’s nothing
Than even to know
That u’re coming home
Don’t u worry girl
U wont be alone too long
When the morning comes
And i see your face
Lying next to me
We will making love forever
Dont ever leave

setiap tetes air mata
kutelah kuberikan untuk kisahku
mengerti tapi tak dimengerti
kata dari bibirku
kadang tak sama dalam hatiku
tersenyum dalam hati menangis
aku sangat mengenal mu
aku juga cintaimu..
sangat mengenalmu
dulu kau tak begitu
kau bintang di hatiku
jadilah yang kumau
ku senang,ku sedih
kau ada denganku
ku mengerti kau apa adanya
begitupun yang kumau darimu
kau tahu rasanya diabaikan


terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa @ 8:31 AM  

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