Thursday, November 30, 2006
Kisah ini diberi judul:{from an inconvenient truth} & Semua terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa

film ini baru mo diputer di JIFFEST tgl 15 desember jam 18.30
(berita di milist WWF-Indonesia)
buat yang mo nonton (klo aq sie,dah download duluan) ini ceritanya tentang pemanasan global (global warming)
aktor utamanya Al Gore calon presiden AS saingannya Bush dulu...

Are you ready to change the way you live?
The climate crisis can be solved
Heres how to start
go to :

You can reduce your carbon emissions
in fact you can even reduce your carbon emissions to zero
buy energy efficient appliances + lightbulbs
Change your thermostat (and use clock thermostats) to reduce energy for heating + cooling
weatherize your house,
increase insulation,get an energy audit

If you can,buy a hybrid car
when you can,walk or ride a bicycle
when you can,use light rail + mass transit

Tell your parents not to ruin the world that you will live in
if you are a parent,join with your children to save the world they will live in

Switch to renewable sources of energy
call your power company to see if they offer green energy
if they dont,ask them why not
vote for leaders who pledge to solve this crisis
write to congress
if they dont listen,run for congress

Plant trees
lots of trees

Speak up in your community
call radio shows and write newspapers
insist that america freeze CO2 emissions
join international efforts to stop global warming
reduce our dependence on foreign oil
help farmers grow alcohol fuels
raise fuel economy standarts
require lower emissions from automobiles
if you belive in prayer
pray that people will find
the strength to change
in the words of the old African proverb
when you pray
move your feet
encourage everyone you know to see this movie
learn as much as you can about the climate crisis
then put your knowledge into action


terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa @ 9:10 AM  

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