Thursday, December 22, 2005
Kisah ini diberi judul:{SoulMate} & Semua terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa

You are my soul mate.You have the key to my gate.
I believe in true love.It was given from above.
You say I have your keys,it doesn't cost any fees.
You say I found your locks.How long were they beneath the rocks?
I broke through It was due.I can't explain it.We just somehow fit.

You are my other half.You even make me laugh.
I hope I am yours.
I hope I found the right doors.
I feel you in pain
We both take it as a gain.

When you are in fear,I am here to hear.
When we can't fight,we are each other's knight.
You help me see the lightin the darkness of night.
You have seen the worst of me.
You know the depth of my sea.
You have seen it's beauty.But,the bad is the duty.

My darkest secret you know.
It makes me feel so low.
You lift me up when I hit a bump.
You have been my last chance on my last dance.
I would fight to save my dear knight.
You can say it's alrightbut, I can see the hard fight.

I see pain in your eye.
I hear the questions of why.
Your wounds I can see.That is when I dive under your sea.
I help you to be healed.Sounds like a good deal.
We are there for each other.
I try to nurture like a mother.
You nurture me when I am in my own sea.

When I am in need you give me feed.
When I am drowning,you are sounding
I look in your eyes and see joys and pains of byes.
When you bleed,I come to your need.
We feel safe in the other's arms.We feel no harms.
You are my sunny sky when the dark clouds are high.
We are each others lightboth day and night.
We appreciate both the good and the bad.
Even when we have been had.
We cherish the love like we do a dove
When the other is sick,we do the kick.
If it is true,nothing will make it blue.
Death will not even stand.
It may seperate our band,but it won't forever till the end


terlukis dari ketikan keyboard t!cKa @ 10:29 AM  

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